Is Painting Interior a Difficult Task? Not Really

Painting interiors on your own? Seems like a difficult task. Well not necessarily! You always do not need local commercial painters in Brisbane. All you need to know is some necessary tips, do some good preparation and know the logical order of painting. These logical orders are often used by local residential painters in Brisbane.

Today, we will help you in deciding what to paint first in your interiors. This walkthrough guide will help you with a checklist you can follow when painting the interiors of your house.

The following order can be used to paint your interiors


Ceilings are the first and foremost area, which should be painted first. This is because we have the least control in this area. You can stay calm even if u spill some paint on the walls as you can paint them over it when doing the walls.

Tip: Use a thicker paint that will drip and splatter less and this will result in a better finish.


Trims can be painted after the ceiling. Although trims are the trickiest part to paint, it will be hassle-free even if paint goes to the wall as it can be re-painted later.

Tip: Many local residential Painters in Brisbane recommend using semi-gloss paint so that it stands out.


Painting this area needs focus, patience and attention for details. Choosing a right brush plays an important role in this. Use soft brushes if you are going for a dark colour. Use a thicker and stiffer brush if the paint is thick. This is because the stiffer the brush the straighter the line of the cut in.

Tip: If you are not sure about doing this, you can use the painters’ tape to achieve perfection. The best brush for this job is angled sash brush.


Finally comes the wall. This is the part where people find it easiest and fun to paint as there is not much restriction or focus needed. You can use a brush or a spray to get the paint on the wall, however, a roller would be preferable. Local commercial Painters in Brisbane use a roller as it helps to get the job done easily. You have to first dip the roller in paint and make sure each side is evenly covered before you start.

Tip: Use the criss-cross pattern to apply the paint. After this, use up and down strokes for the second layer.

Safety is the only rule

Truth is that there are no rules to paint the house. We have put together this information for you to know the orders logically. It is your home and you are the King/Queen and you create the rules. Feel free to change the order if you are more comfortable in any other order. These orders are used by skilled local residential Painters in Brisbane and we wanted to share the same with you. Along with these pointers, you should always make sure that you should be cautious about your safety and avoid accidents while painting. You can contact us if you want a professional painting done for your interiors.