Guide In Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home

Choosing the right paint colour for your new home is difficult. You may like your decision of colour right now and can regret it later. You can get the help of local residential painters in Brisbane to choose the colour for you. However, no residential painters will know as much as you do because it is after all your home. The colour of your house is personal and the choice should come from yourself. No residential painters in Clontarf will be able to tell that a certain colour is right. There are no wrong colours but you need to choose a colour which you will not regret later. Today we will help you choose such colour will the help of some pointers.

Do not have ideas of picking a colour yet

The first rule is before you have any ideas you should have a look at your house, interior decor and furniture. It is easy to pick a colour keeping the colour of decor in mind. It is foolish to change your furniture and decor because paint does not match. Residential painters in Clontarf also recommends this. Hence, match your paint colour according to your decor and not the other way round.

Search for inspiration

The next step is to search for inspiration which you will find around your own house. Inspirations can come from as simple as mugs, blankets, designer clothes etc.


While choosing a colour, you also have another decision to make. You can either go with bold colours or neutral colours. While most of the residential painters in Brisbane suggest going with bold colours, we say that the choice is truly urs. As we mentioned earlier that there is no wrong colour, you only have to define where the attention in a room should go to. If you want the attention to the wall then you can go ahead with bold colours, keeping in mind that all the other materials, items and accessories in the room should be of neutral colour. Bold colours are often seen in the bathroom because of all the other neutral aspects in a bathroom which are usually white.

Trial run

Even if you are 100% sure of the colour residential painters always recommend to buy testers and check the paint in your wall. One of the important reasons behind this is that you will be able to feel the colour in real life and also check the colour with different parts of a day from dawn to dusk. You can also hold ur fixtures and furniture up against the wall to see if it goes well. The colours should not be matching, but the undertones should go well.

Colour theme

You can choose the colour and have a theme with that colour around your house. This will bring a vibrant look to your home and a sense of a warm welcome.

You can also take the help of your family, colleagues who have experience in painting their home and get their assistance in choosing a colour.