Allscale Brushworx will provide you with a professional finish every time.

We strive to work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met all whilst keeping within your budget and schedule. Our team aims to make the process as pain free as possible so we are happy to work weekends when necessary so as not to interfere with your busy lifestyle; we are totally flexible!


Brisbane Interior Painter
We will:
  1. Cover all areas to be painted with drop cloths, plastic and tape as needed.
  2. Move furniture as necessary.
  3. Prepare all surfaces to be painted, including light spackling through to large holes and entire walls, sanding and caulking.
  4. Prime stained surfaces with stain killer.
  5. Remove wallpaper and repair drywall as needed.


Brisbane Exterior Painter
We will:
  1. Pressure washing to clean any chalking, mildew or dirt.
  2. Caulking using an elastomeric caulk.
  3. Scrape, prep and prime bare wood areas.
  4. Wire brush and spot prime any rusted areas.
  5. Cover shrubbery.
  6. Clean up site.


Our preferred suppliers offer fantastic colour selections and tips to make your choice easy.
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