Kids Splatter paintings with leftover house paint!

Maybe the kids can get creative with the leftover house paint!

OK so you’ve done a fantastic job at repainting the house and it looks amazing, if you don’t say so yourself!  But what’s with all this leftover house paint?

Well, you don’t have to ask kids twice.  Any reason to get messy and they are in like Flynn!  Thank goodness I keep a stack of spare boards and canvas’s around for just such an occasion.

Splatter painting with leftover house paint
Hung proudly in the living room


My girls are gaining so much confidence with their artwork that they make with left over house paint now and personally I think anyone would be happy to hang them on a wall; (look out family, you now know what you are getting for Christmas presents!)


It is both fun and fascinating to get messy and to be honest I love it just as much as they do, it’s one of the best bonding activities to enjoy with your kids or grand-kids, simply creating imaginative things out of items you would normally throw away.

Splatter painting is just one way to use up your leftover house paint and while the girls are still young we will encourage their art skills and imagination as often as we can. It tells them that artistic design is not just for those people who are good at drawing; anyone can create art. It further shows them that being experimental and willing to try new techniques and styles is all part of the creative journey.  I love it when I show my kids new techniques and get them to try things they had never thought of doing and they master it with such pride.

For splatter painting with leftover house paint you will need:

Paints in Various Colors

Use up any leftover house paint first and maybe add other craft paints for extra colour and pop. If you have more than is needed for a couple of art pieces, you can store the leftover paint successfully, just head over to my blog on how to store your left over paint.

Old Clothing

Oh this is a MUST HAVE item!  You don’t want to be worried about clothes being ruined, because trust me, they will be, so either have some specific “get messy” favourites that you are happy to throw out or buy plastic rain ponchos to cover them up.

Canvases, Paper or Timber boards (really anything you have lying around, NOT the pets!)

I decided to use inexpensive canvases and timber boards from our house renovation, because they are more sturdy and hold more paint, and they can also be hung very easily. I also found that it is often a more interesting experience for kids and makes them feel like “real artists,” as they pointed out.

Just for a different look, we opted to paint some of our canvases a solid color ahead of time.

Splatter art with leftover house paint
Old timber boards

Large Paint Brushes

I found out that loading up a larger paintbrush allows you to throw the paint at the canvas but you can also use a small paint brush if you already have it at home.

Paper Plates or some other vessel for Holding Paint

We used a paint tray, simply because that’s my trade and I have plenty of them, but sturdy paper plates are a great idea if you want a simple clean up option. They also allow the kids to pick several colors for their splatter paintings.

Painter’s Tape

This is not necessary but making a design using a painter’s tape on the canvas before throwing the paint can produce a very cool design. From my experience, simple designs are going to be the best.

A Water Container

This is another optional item. Washing off the brush between the colors can wash the paints away and they may end up throwing too much water at the canvas with the paint. I would advise skipping washing out the brushes until you are between paintings or all done.

Depending on the age of your children, you may choose to do your splatter painting indoors, in this case I would highly recommend you cover your work surface with a drop cloth and on a smaller scale (wrist flicks instead of whole arm flicks).


Get out your paper plate and paints, let your kids pick the different colors that they want to throw at their canvas. If your kids are younger, I recommend suggesting a specific number of colors to them. Since my kids are older, I didn’t give them any specific number, but they each picked four or five different colors to put on their paper plates.

After this, we set out the canvases on a grassy area, far from anything that they would get paint on, like our swing set or house. After that, I showed them the best way to flick their wrist and get the paints on their brush to throw the paint toward the canvas. After they proceeded to flick the paint, I also pointed out the importance of not flicking their wrist backward first.

Stand back and let them go crazy!

Splatter art with leftover paint

No, I mean it, what they create is sometimes nothing short of beautiful and without parental interference they learn so much more about texture, patterns, techniques and colour matching.

Once they are through with creating their masterpiece, place it somewhere cool and tidy (like a shed or garage) to dry. Be sure not to walk in the wet paint that is now all over the grass.

Easy splatter painting! Fun for your kids and you end up with a cool original painting for your walls. Bonus!

Splatter painting with leftover house paint
Created by 2 under 5 yr old girls