3 Steps to Improve the look of your Commercial Property

3 Steps to improve the look of your commercial property

Owning a Commercial property can be a very lucrative purchase. Often the only foot in the commercial door is to buy something that is in need of a good renovation both internally and externally. Let me show you just 3 steps to improve the look of your commercial property and make it a stand out from every other property in the market.

3 Steps to Improve the look of your Commercial Property                      3 Steps to Improve the look of your Commercial Property


Step 1:

Make Improvements to the Property:

For Commercial property, cosmetic improvements such as a new paint job on the interior and the exterior will be a game changer. Whatever your commercial space has to offer, potential tenants will not be able to appreciate it unless it is inviting them in to see it.

Know who your target audience is and upgrade your exterior according to what you think they’d be attracted to. Corporate tenants often don’t like flashy bold bright colours so it may be worthwhile staying conservative with solid, formal colours. On the other hand if your target market is leaning towards the young and hip population you would of course lean towards more colour and personality to match that target market. The goal is to attract them in from the outside first.

Another thing to consider when you want to improve the look of your commercial property is GRAFFITI. Unless you’re planning on leasing it out to an Art School, I must recommend Graffiti proofing your exterior. How does one do this? Well, fortunately paint suppliers are all over this nowadays with several products on the market that are important when considering maintenance. Both Poly U and Paracryl are ideal choices, as they contain re-coatable properties.
3 Steps to Improve the look of your Commercial Property

Anti-Graffiti options are also available and are particularly useful when considering the maintenance of the overall aesthetic and performance of a commercial building’s facade.



Step 2:

Be Environmentally Friendly!

Environmentally friendly

Everyone today is well aware of the importance of being more environmentally friendly and Commercial property owners and tenants are especially environmentally aware. Now, yes this can become a very costly exercise initially but it will definitely be the most worthwhile investment you make. Businesses around the world are shifting to green architecture as it spells ‘responsible business’ and long-term savings.
These upgrades may entail a little extra cost initially but this can be easily offset by the value it adds to your property. Added to that, you get to stay relevant in the commercial property market which will increase interest from tenants or buyers in the future.
For a comprehensive sustainable property guide written by the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW, go here.


Step 3:

Choose the Right Contractor!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking “what am I supposed to be looking for”? Right??
Well, if you are really serious about wanting to improve the look of your Commercial Property then this is probably the MOST IMPORTANT step of all.
What you should be looking for is a contractor who treats your tenants like their own clients (if it happens to be already leased) or treating you, the property owner with respect and helps you in achieving the look you are after for your specific business.

Free EstimateA good contractor will begin with a consultation followed by a detailed site inspection. They then will put together a detailed estimate to avoid any hidden costs for the customer. He will take into consideration your time frame and budget and work within those confines. A skilled contractor will follow several steps to ensure a flawless paint job, including sanding and completely cleaning any rough areas; filling in nail holes and smoothing over any blemishes; and caulking all gaps to create a solid seal, to name a few.


Check that your contractor is covered with full worker’s compensation and liability insurance in the event of an accident.
When it comes to painting to improve the look of your commercial property, there are ways to save while still getting the results you and your clients both deserve. All it takes is the right contractor.

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