Decorating Trends for 2018

It’s a brand new year and whilst most of the population are coming to terms with remembering to write 2018 instead of 2017, a great deal of us are also trying to remember when our home last underwent renovations.

If your New Year’s Resolution was to freshen up the interior or exterior of your home, then here are a few tips to stay on trend in 2018.


1. Décor tips that are making the rounds –

Stone, wood and floral prints – nature is making a comeback! 2018 is the year that will bring the indoors closer to the great outdoors. Stone and wood knick-knacks and furniture are all the rage this year with floral prints accenting your textiles and artwork.
Alas, if florals aren’t your thing, don’t despair! The classic black and white look will never fail. Whether you choose to plump up your home with a flurry of colourful or earthy decorator pieces or decide to keep it simple with elegant accents of black and white, your home will be sure to welcome in you this year.


Decorating Trends for 2018 - Allscale Brushworx Brisbane Painters
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Decorating Trends for 2018 - Allscale Brushworx Brisbane Painters











2. Remember: Paint follows trends as well –

Where the 70’s gave us earthy colours such as Avocado Green and Harvest Gold; the 80’s gave us more vibrant colours such as Ribbon Red and Royal Blue. Paint colours follow trends much the same as fashion does. 2018 is set to bring us warm earthy tones with hues of grey, rich red, deep blue and natural beige; calming tones with hues of light blue, mauve and tan; elegant tones with hues of dark grey, rose, burgundy and teal; or bold tones with brighter hues of pink, tangerine, mustard and rich blue.


Decorating Trends for 2018 - Allscale Brushworx Brisbane Painters


3. Tread new boards –

Are your floors in need of some TLC? With the amount of wear and tear they go through over the years, it’s not surprising that they could be starting to look a little drab. While you’re sprucing up the walls and décor, cast a glance downwards to see what you can do to enhance your home from beneath. This year’s biggest trends all seem to involve Wood. Wood is a classic, of course, and definitely keeping in trend with the earthy paint tones and décor. Whether you decide to go for the always popular hardwood floors; the funky and stylish geometric parquet hardwood floors; or perhaps the increasingly popular grey wood floors might be more your style if you like the wood style but not the colour.


Decorating Trends for 2018 - Allscale Brushworx Brisbane Painters


4. Bring the outdoors inside –

In keeping with the earthy theme driving the trends listed above, it is no surprise that another big trend expected for 2018 is indoor plants. It seems that this year will be the year that people will be bringing nature inside the home. Whether they are simple or overstated; exotic or a local treasure, your décor can be enhanced with the simple addition of a plant or two…or eight.


Decorating Trends for 2018 - Allscale Brushworx Brisbane Painters


The New Year always brings a fresh start. This year, make it an even fresher start and take this as an opportunity to liven things up with a few simple touches that can brighten up your home and see you through the year ahead.