Colour Schemes to Modernise Your Property and Increase its Value

When selling your property it is highly beneficial to apply a fresh coat of paint in order to make it appear more attractive to buyers. Certain colours create a great impression on buyers and are also vastly effective in attracting prospective bidders. However, you must always be mindful of the impact these colours can create on your property. It is advisable to be up-to-date in colour trends before selecting a colour for your house as trends do change over time. Choosing the right colour scheme can not only modernise your house but can also greatly increase your property’s value.


When it comes to real estate,
first impressions are everything.


Choosing the right colour for your house

In selecting the right colour for the exterior, always keep your neighbourhood and the landscape in mind. White has always been the safest and most popular choice in painting exteriors as well as interiors. White provides a cooling effect and conveys a sense of purity. It can also make your home feel larger. Adding a contrasting colour to the trims can make your house look much more elegant and regal. For an increased regal feel, you can add a touch of gold to the interior of your property together with light shades like white and beige. This can increase the grandeur of your property making it look a lot more expensive than it actually is.


Don’t be afraid to stand out

You can also be quite bold in choosing your colours. American Real Estate company, Zillow, conducted research which analysed over 32,000 pictures of properties that were sold across USA to examine how certain shades influenced prices in comparison to similar properties painted in white. It was found that the colours used on the exterior had a great impact on the price a property sold for.

For instance, houses painted in a mix of light grey and beige was found to be sold for a much higher rate than similar homes painted in brown (lighter shade) or tan stucco. The front doors of houses painted in shades of dark navy blue or slate green were also found to be sold at a much higher rate.


Be sure to keep your roof in mind

It is also important to consider the roof when choosing a colour for the exterior. Shades of black and grey are the most popular choices for roofs, but shades of red, blue, green, and tan can also be applied. It is best to take the colour of your roof into consideration when choosing your exterior colour to ensure that it does not clash but instead accentuates your colour choice.


Earth Tones:

Depending on the style of your home, earth tones that consist of various shades of blue, brown, green, orange, red and tan can be an effective choice for the interior. Earth tones represent the shades of nature, and convey warmth and tranquillity. These hues are preferable for rooms with glass, metal, stone or wood, and ideally used for the living and dining rooms.

Brown may seem to be a very boring choice for your property. However, the wide range of shades of brown can give your house the most elegant and welcoming expression. Lighter shades of brown provide a sense of warmth and comfort, while darker sandy shades give a rich, sophisticated expression. But, it is always best to stick to lighter shades as darker shades of brown can make rooms appear very small and dark or even dingy.



Blue can be used in several shades in both the interior and the exterior of the house. Lighter shades of blue bring out a sense of peace and have a strong calming effect, while darker shades of blue portray pure elegance and sophistication. According to Zillow, houses with blue kitchens, light blue bathrooms and slate blue dining rooms have been sold at increased rates.



Green hues bring about a bright, warm, cheery and playful expression that can be perfect for kids’ rooms. Deeper shades of green can be used for the kitchen and sitting room. Dark shades of green portray sheer elegance, however, should be used in caution in houses for sale as it can also make living spaces look smaller and darker, much like the colour brown.


Taking everything into account, painting is not only a cost-effective way to get the best price for your property, but also one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest things you can do by yourselves without having to get a professional to do it for you. So make sure to paint your property to help prospective buyers envision themselves living in your space and to add value to the property.