4 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Home For Resale

When selling your home, first impressions are everything. Potential buyers are already on the lookout for any flaws that could end up costing them in the future. Much like when you are buying a car or an outfit, you find yourself asking the question: “do… Continue Reading

When is the best time to paint your home?

If you’re looking to revamp the exterior of your home you may be surprised to learn that there are seasons that are better suited for this task. So before you break out the paint brushes on the next beautifully sunny day, perhaps take a moment… Continue Reading

4 Handy Tips For Making The Littlest Room In The House Look And Feel Larger

4 Tips For Making The Littlest Room Look & Feel Larger

It’s the littlest room in the house and sometimes when you look at it for too long, you swear that it’s getting smaller. Yes, it’s a small space but that doesn’t mean that it has no potential. Your bathroom just needs a little TLC. Perhaps… Continue Reading

Decorating Trends for 2018

It’s a brand new year and whilst most of the population are coming to terms with remembering to write 2018 instead of 2017, a great deal of us are also trying to remember when our home last underwent renovations. If your New Year’s Resolution was… Continue Reading

3 ways to give a fresh new look to your home for 2018

3 ways to give a fresh new look to your home for 2018

Here are our favourite 3 ways to give a fresh new look to your home for 2018. Well, it’s been a huge year of renovation projects for Allscale Brushworx this year and lately I have been asked time and time again about how to give… Continue Reading

Decorating For An Australian Christmas

Decorating for An Australian Christmas

Merry Australian Christmas everyone! How have you decided to decorate this year? With so many ideas floating around on Facebook and the internet I’m feeling the need to ‘up my game’ in the decorating department.   The hardest part is deciding which theme to go for! … Continue Reading

Tips and Ideas for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

Colours play a crucial role when designing the interior of your child’s room. Choosing the right colour or design for your child’s bedroom wall can involve a lot of thinking and will not be the same for every child. However, painting your child’s bedroom shouldn’t… Continue Reading

Colour Schemes to Modernise Your Property and Increase its Value

When selling your property it is highly beneficial to apply a fresh coat of paint in order to make it appear more attractive to buyers. Certain colours create a great impression on buyers and are also vastly effective in attracting prospective bidders. However, you must… Continue Reading

3 Steps to Improve the look of your Commercial Property

3 Steps to improve the look of your commercial property

Owning a Commercial property can be a very lucrative purchase. Often the only foot in the commercial door is to buy something that is in need of a good renovation both internally and externally. Let me show you just 3 steps to improve the look… Continue Reading

Kids Splatter paintings with leftover house paint!

Maybe the kids can get creative with the leftover house paint! OK so you’ve done a fantastic job at repainting the house and it looks amazing, if you don’t say so yourself!  But what’s with all this leftover house paint? Well, you don’t have to… Continue Reading